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Dentistry to the point – Dr. Miriam Fischer

Microscopic endodontics, TMJ diagnostics (jaw joint diagnostics), aesthetic dentistry, prosthetics and prophylaxis

Honest. Highest quality. To the point.
This is what describes our understanding of modern dentistry how we offer it in our practice. Our range of services covers all relevant fields of dentistry so that your treatment is holistic and can enjoy your visit to the dentist in a relaxed way. Apart from the professional competence of our dentist Dr. Miriam Fischer and her team you can look forward to the most advanced technical equipment, which will support state-of-the-art treatment for your teeth.

Microscopic endodontics, TMJ diagnostics (jaw joint diagnostics), aesthetic dentistry, high quality prosthetics and prophylaxis and pedriatic dentistry. Read more about how we’ll make you smile (again).

TMJ diagnostics (Craniomandibular Dysfunction - CMD) / splint therapy

Problems with the temporomandibular joint are becoming more and more common these days. One of the reasons for this is the increasing stress in our society, which the body processes in different ways. For example, our body often tries - mostly completely unconsciously - to relieve stress by grinding our teeth and strongly clenching our jaws. In addition to the teeth, the masticatory muscles and the temporomandibular joint are also severely affected.

Extensive ceramic restorations can also lead to discomfort in the temporomandibular joint, since the ceramic used makes the bite "harder" and the temporomandibular joint must therefore function even more as a buffer and cushion.

Since the temporomandibular joint correlates closely with our cervical vertebral joints, temporomandibular joint problems are also often accompanied by back problems - and vice versa.

Remedy is provided by a splint therapy individually tailored to your problems. For this purpose, the masticatory muscles and the temporomandibular joint are first analyzed and both jaws are measured in detail. Subsequently, an individual splint can be made. By wearing the splint, the jaw joint is relieved and the chewing muscles are gently stretched. In this way, we achieve a relaxation of your masticatory system and an alleviation of discomfort. In many cases, it makes sense to accompany the splint therapy with a physiotherapeutic treatment in which tensions are specifically released. For emergencies and acute discomfort, a temporary emergency splint can also be used to support until your actual splint is made.

If an increased stress level is the cause of the complaints, we also recommend that you integrate measures for personal stress reduction (e.g. meditation, etc.) into your daily routine. We will be happy to advise you on this.

Tooth replacement (prosthetics)

The reasons for tooth loss can be manifold. If the preservation of your original tooth is not possible, a tooth replacement may become necessary. In the field of prosthetics, we place the highest value on the best possible function and aesthetics of your dental prosthesis. To achieve this, we work hand in hand with a dental laboratory in Nuremberg, whose many years of experience we trust in as partners. Of course, we will advise you on the various alternatives of dentures and together we will find the best solution for you individually.

Pediatric dentistry

Of course we are also there for our little patients with a lot of heart and soul and support you as parents with the right oral hygiene for your children. Proper dental hygiene is enormously important, especially in childhood - even if this is not always an easy topic. But early practice makes perfect and together we lay the foundation for healthy teeth and a happy child's smile. We recommend a semi-annual check-up, sealing of fissures and encourage proper dental hygiene at home.

Of course, we also care for the teeth of teenagers and young adults. Especially in childhood and adolescence, malocclusions can still be corrected well and in time, which is why we pay great attention to this. We work in partnership and hand in hand with an orthodontic practice in Nuremberg.

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